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We are a faith-based Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic and by God's grace, over 1000 babies have been born since inception.

No two patients are the same, so we endeavor to individualize your care based on the outcome of investigations and work tirelessly with you to achieve your fertility goals.

Our practice is endowed with advanced technologies and techniques to ensure quality care, with the sole aim of achieving better pregnancy rates, comparable with best centers around the world.

As we go along with you on this journey, we encourage you to journal your thoughts or questions, so we can offer you necessary information, because the best client is the well-informed client.

our values 

L:  Love and Care

i:   Integrity

f:  Faith in God

e:  Empathy

Our vision

To be a successful assisted reproductive treatment center through the wisdom and mercy of God.


To provide advanced, affordable and modern high quality assisted conception therapy with a personalized touch.

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